New Transitions

As I make the transition from high school to college I have noticed 2 very important things:

  1. Making new friends is inevitable and should not be feared. 

    (From L to R) Erynn, Carmen, Thomas, Me

While one may be scared about the fact that life as they know it is drastically changing I am here to say that there is nothing to be be afraid of! I know that I was undeniably and certifiably SHOOK when I even though about the fact that I may have trouble making friends in the new school year. But I’ve learned a major tip: people fit into their niches and find the exactly group and people that they belong with. Follow the same advice that your parents gave you on the first day of Kindergarten: “Be Yourself And People Will Love You!” As you throw out your own personal brand of positivity and originality into the collegiate mix you will find that the best sorts of people that match your personality will surround you.

I’ve learned that while you may want to completely reinvent yourself and hang out with a new crowd it’s not always the worst idea to stick to your roots. I came into college wanting to hang out with a more “popular” or “well-known” group. Not to say that my friends in high school were not the best (because trust me, THEY ARE!) but I always wondered what it may be like to attend parties every weekend and take a dip in a private pool every once and a while (LOL)! But now I find myself searching for like-minded individuals who share my same interests, whether that be in musical theatre or even the different styles and trends that I’m into.

The group I have pictured above, while admittedly are not always the most interested in my hobbies, are actually an amazing set of friends that keep me grounded and always on my feet. A breath of fresh air in the smog of adult life! I enjoy their sass and their willingness to call people out when they step out of line! Never doubt your ability to make friends because no matter what, the right people will gravitate into your life!



Small Time Rush before New York trip
Fifth Chord

While making new friends is of the utmost importance it’s also critical to make sure you don’t leave your old friends behind! The end of high school is all about new beginnings and everyone going their separate ways. The tea is, everyone eventually walks along their own new path. This does not at all mean that their path may not intersect yours at some point in life (or even run along it)!

Assuming you had a great high school experience with exceptional friends (such as I, LOL) you may find that in the past 4 years of life these people have become more of a family; helping you through the low times, lifting you to the highs in life. It’s critical (and surprisingly easier than you may think) to keep these people in your life. Often you’ll find that a little distance never killed anybody. Your friendship can still blossom with some help from a little sunshine and rain, otherwise known as dedication and willingness. If both sides are not willing to continue the friendship then, as any relationship might, it will eventually wither away and no longer be fruitful. Keep hope alive and never underestimate the power of a old friend!

At the end of the day I am proud to say that I am still very good friends with all of my besties from high school! It’s completely doable and I’ll always be grateful for these people and the wonderful experiences I have had, and will continue to have with them!

Pandora Summer Crush
Disney Day w/ JU

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